Website Design and Development

Website design and development is our passion. We utilize the best and latest technologies including jQuery, Responsive Design, Html5, Css3, PHP, Font-Awesome and more. We use a combination of cutting edge design and simple usability to set your website apart.

Computer Programming

If you can dream it: we can accomplish it. Whether you need a custom customer relationship management system (CRM), salesforce management, warehouse inventory system and more, we can build it! With our custom programming solutions you get what you need!

Computer Maintenance

With computer hardware becoming more and more a necessity you cannot afford down-time. From basic maintenance to our 24/7/365 on-site emergency support, we are here to ensure things run smoothly. Don't let your computer's cause you a headache, call today!

E-Commerce Solutions

Opening up your line of products to the global economy used to be a difficult task. Now, with our E-Commerce Solutions you can open a new stream of revenue. We have systems that can handle one to one-million products. Need something specialized just for your products/services? We handle everything from user interface design to subscriptions and card processing.

Security Solutions

Protecting your assets both digitally and physically should be top priority. We are an authorized AVG Anti-Virus dealer. We also offer a wide variety of physical security equipment, including PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. With an internet connection you can view your physical assets anywhere in the world. We can tie in your cameras to your existing security system for added protection.

Mobile App Development

The world of technology has changed immensely over the last decade. We are now a mobile society. With estimates that 2013 will see 102 Billion Mobile App Downloads, you should consider a custom app for your business. This can be a simple coupon generator, mobile ordering solution or whatever you can dream up. We offer both Android and iOS App Development in house.

Search Engine Optimization

Having your brand be found on the major search engines is a big deal. With the top 10 results of Google and Yahoo for any keyword being the only items that are clicked on, competition is fierce. Give your business the advantage with Ampersand's SEO Services. We monitor and maintain your SEO profile to ensure your content is being viewed. We also monitor the results for you.

Commercial Photography

Represent your brand with professional images. We have proven experience with product photography, architectural work, modeling shots, virtual tours and more. People are visual and Ampersand gives you the ability to make an astounding first impression. We have a rolling mobile studio that allows us to bring our lights, cameras and editing equipment to you.

Wholesale Warehouse Software

We have experience building custom software for the Tobacco, Alcohol and Candy wholesale industry. From sales automation with tablet applications to inventory management and MSA reporting: we have a solution for you. All of our systems are highly customizable and allow for an exact match to your needs.

Professional Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action! From small commercial spots to feature length infomercials we have the tools to represent your brand. We shoot in 1080p High Definition video, which is the same standard that prime-time television uses today. We have writers, voiceover artists, sound engineers and editors available for your brand to be in the limelight.

Advanced Networking Solutions

Advanced Phone and Data networking can increase productivity and your bottom line. We have a multitude of available services including: remote data access (access your files and applications anywhere you have an internet connection), network security management (ensure that no-one has access to your files), wireless network expansion and more.

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